529 College Savings Plan in Portland

With the cost of college tuition continuously on the rise, saving for future education expenses is a great concern of many. It's often overwhelming to try and plan for future expenses, especially when those expenses aren't a set amount, but Financial Investment Team (FIT) can assist you by providing you with a full range of college savings options. FIT provides 529 account and college savings services in Portland, Oregon and we'd be happy to work with you one on one to create a savings solution for future education expenses that meets your needs.

What is a 529 Account?

A 529 account (often referred to as a 529 plan) is a specific type of savings account that's set up to save for future education expenses. Contributions into a 529 are invested and there are several different investment portfolios to choose from.

529 Plans are Flexible and Affordable

One of the best features of a 529 plan is that they can be opened by anyone for the benefit of someone else - or even for yourself. Whether you need to save for your own children, another family member, friend or for your own future educational expenses, a 529 plan provides a great deal of flexibility. In addition, opening a 529 plan is very affordable and an account can be opened with just $25.

529 accounts have become a popular way to save for future education expenses due to potential tax advantages. The team at FIT will discuss any tax advantages with you based on your specific situation.

Whether a 529 plan is right for your education expense savings goals or you want to know about other potential college saving options, the professionals at FIT will help you make an informed decision based on your individual needs. For more information on 529 plans and other college savings options, contact FIT today for more information.