About Financial Investment Team

Financial Investment Team Mission:

To become your most trusted advisory team by confidently constructing a comprehensive financial plan that is flexible and strongly tailored to your needs using the 11 wealth management strategies and to promote confidence by providing opportunities for coaching and education by way of our open door policy, distinctive events and excellent communication.

Our Principle:

Our company is based on the belief that in order to be successful, it is critical to constantly seek improvement. Thus we pride ourselves not just on current level of knowledge and service, but also on our commitment to reaching higher. As such we are very receptive to client feedback and responsive to any opportunity to provide more complete service.

Our Commitment to You:

We will constantly strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service available in the industry. Additionally, our objective is to ensure that all investment decisions and recommendations are responsible: financially, socially and morally.

A Little History:

We opened our investment firm doors in 2000 with the purpose of adding more value to the tax and accounting services provided by Diana LJ Harrison CPA, PC., now known as Lewis & Harrison CPA Group. Originally, the investment firm was named Harrison & Associates Wealth Management Services because it created a feeling of familiarity and continuity for our clients. As time went by and the firm expanded to an extensive financial services operation specializing in direct asset management, we realized we needed to further broaden the functionality of our firm by really fostering a team atmosphere between our clients and us. We got to thinking about how to more deeply incorporate the term "team" into our company philosophy and thought why not put it in the name! After all, we are a team that can provide financial and tax resources to clients for the proper management of their financial futures. Now that we had the team portion of our name nailed down, we wanted to come up with something that meant what we were about but wasn't too fussy. We were naturally drawn to what often goes hand in hand with a team: physical fitness; but in this case we were striving for financial fitness. This thinking then led to the consideration of how important it is to be financially fit. For instance, if you only worked out one part of your body you would be unbalanced. Financial fitness works the same way. We believe our clients have to address every aspect of their finances or something will be out of balance. And in the world's complicated economic environment, they most likely will need help, which is where we come in. As you can guess, by this time, we felt ourselves ever closer to finding our new name. So we finally put it all together and asked ourselves one last time, "Can we help our clients reach their financial goals by guiding them through the investment scene?" We answered with a strong, "YES! And we'll do it with a team approach!" And….Our new company name was born.

It is our pleasure to be your Financial Investment Team.