Alternative Investment Strategies in Portland

If you're interested in alternative investment strategies, Financial Investment Team (FIT) can provide you with the education and tools that you need to make informed decisions. Through our wealth of investment experience, education and industry knowledge, FIT will work with you to create a customized alternative investment strategy that focuses on your financial goals.

What are Alternative Investments?

An alternative investment is any product that falls outside of stocks, bonds and cash. Common alternative investments include REITs (real estate investment trusts), hedge funds, commodities, derivative contracts and managed futures.

REITs - real estate investment trusts can either refer to equity investments or mortgage investments.

Hedge Funds - hedge funds are a portfolio of investments that are commonly set up through private partnerships.

Derivative Contracts - securities that are derived from underlying assets.

Managed Futures - often include commodity pools and are not managed by the fund's owner, but rather another person or entity.

Alternative investments can help diversify portfolios and depending on the investment type, may not be tied directly to the fluctuation of the stock market.

Financial Investment Team can help you decide if an alternative investment strategy is a good fit for your specific needs. With each of our clients, we take the time to get to know what your current and future financial goals are so that we can create a customized investment solution tailored around those goals. There's no one investment strategy that works for everyone, which is why at FIT, we truly listen to your questions, concerns and overall financial plan.

For more information regarding alternative investment strategies, contact Financial Investment Team today. We provide each of our clients with superior customer service and our focus is placed on your success.