Financial Planning in Portland

Financial Investment Team (FIT) provides financial planning services in Portland, Oregon. At FIT, we take a unique approach to financial planning as we understand that every person and family is going to have different goals. Due to this, when you choose financial planning services through FIT, we custom tailor your plan based on your specific circumstances and financial goals.

One of the most common misconceptions about financial planning is that the process is centered around investing. While investing can certainly be part of one's financial plan if it fits into their goals, the true process of financial planning is more in-depth and comprehensive, including:

• Learning how to create and maintain a budget.

• Developing a retirement plan that adapts to your financial goals while you're still working and long after you've retired.

• Composing a plan that will help you meet large purchase or savings goals such as paying for college or buying a home.

• Preparing for unexpected life events and making sure that you have the financial security that you and your family needs.

• Tax planning and tax savings strategies.

Working with a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner (CFP®) can help you sort through complex financial issues in order to create a solid plan that will focus on your financial interests today and in the future.

Why Choose FIT as Your Financial Planner?

• FIT's Diana LJ Harrison obtained her CFP® in 2001.

• Financial planning can be challenging - we will provide you with the education and tools that you need to make informed decisions.

• Financial planning can be time consuming - leave the research and strategizing to us!

• We don't believe in one financial plan that fits every person and family - all of our financial planning services are catered to help you reach your goals no matter how big or small they are.

For more information on Financial Investment Team's financial planning services, contact us today.