IRA & 401K Rollovers in Portland

Financial Investment Team (FIT) provides IRA and 401K rollover services in Portland, Oregon. When you need a trusted and experienced team of professionals on your side to assist you with your retirement accounts, turn to us for a custom tailored plan to help you reach your goals.

IRA Rollovers

There are a variety of reasons why you may be in need of IRA rollover assistance. The process of an IRA rollover involves taking funds from one retirement account and moving the funds to an IRA account. For example, if you have a 403(b) account or a profit sharing account, you may choose to eventually rollover those funds into an IRA. Rollovers can also take place to move funds from one IRA to another IRA or to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA (Roth conversion) given that you meet the Roth requirements.

If you're considering an IRA rollover, it's important to have a team of experienced professionals to assist you to make sure that the transfer is done properly.

401K Rollovers

A 401K rollover is the process of taking the funds from one or more 401K accounts and transferring them into an IRA. People often hold several different jobs over the course of their lifetime and this can result in having multiple 401K accounts. Consolidating all retirement accounts into one can make saving for retirement easier to manage. In addition, depending on your 401K plan and investment options within it, you may be wondering if leaving the account where it is will provide you with the retirement savings results that you're looking for.

When you choose FIT for your IRA or 401K rollover needs, we get to know you and your retirement goals so that we can create a customized solution that specifically addresses your needs. Whether you have several retirement accounts to rollover or you simply want to see if your current retirement savings plan is keeping you on the right track, our team will provide you with the education and tools that you need to make an informed decision.

For IRA and 401K rollover assistance in Portland, Oregon, contact Financial Investment Team today. From making the most out of the investments in your retirement accounts to making sure your rollovers are done correctly in order to avoid early withdrawal penalties, we're ready to assist you.