Medicare & Health Insurance Planning in Portland

Do you need assistance navigating your way through Medicare rules and regulations or are you unsure of whether your health insurance plan is going to meet your needs during your retirement years? Medicare and health insurance are often difficult and time consuming to figure out on your own, but Financial Investment Team (FIT) is here to help. FIT provides Medicare and health insurance planning services in Portland, Oregon.

The Importance of Medicare and Health Insurance Planning

The cost for medical care and services continues to rise with each passing year. Medical bills are typically one of a person's biggest expenses and unexpected costs can easily derail retirement and other financial matters. Due to this, it's more important than ever to have a solid Medicare and health insurance plan in place. Proper planning can help eliminate the confusion that surrounds Medicare or other health insurance and it can ensure that you have the proper coverage in place, reducing the chances for unexpected costs.

Filling the Medicare Gap

It's important to remember that Medicare does not cover all healthcare related costs that you may incur. Financial Investment Team will help you determine what expenses are covered by Medicare and then work with you to develop a strategy to help fill the gap through supplemental insurance options or through other means.

It's expected that the costs associated with medical care will continue to rise. It's important to be prepared for your current Medicare and health insurance needs, while also factoring in future inflation and other considerations. Not every person has the same needs or goals and FIT will assist you based on your specific situation. Contact Financial Investment Team today to learn more about Medicare and health insurance services.