Personal Accounts in Portland

Financial Investment Team provides individual, joint, custodial and trust investment account services in Portland, Oregon. Whether you're new to investing or you're a seasoned professional who's simply looking for additional guidance, the professionals at Financial Investment Team (FIT) have the industry knowledge, education and real world experience to assist you in reaching your goals.

Personal accounts allow you to invest funds for the purpose that you see fit. Some investors use personal accounts to assist them in reaching short term financial goals, while others are long term investors. The advantages of personal accounts include:

• Being able to build a diversified portfolio containing a variety of investment types. Diversification is a method of managing risk and does not protect against loss.

• Being able to choose investment allocations.

• The ability to buy or sell quickly or adjust your portfolio based on market conditions.

• No penalties for withdrawing funds from your personal investment accounts.

Financial Investment Team offers the following types of personal investment accounts:

Individual Accounts

Individual investment accounts are owned by one person.

Joint Accounts

A joint investment account is held by two or more people. Account ownership depends on what type of joint account it is - rights of survivorship or tenants in common. FIT will work with you to determine which joint account type best suits your needs.

Custodial Accounts

Custodial investment accounts allow investments to be made in order to benefit a minor child.

Trust Accounts

A trust account can be opened for the beneficiaries of an established trust.

To learn more about personal investment accounts, contact the professionals at Financial Investment Team today. We provide a client centered environment and believe in thoroughly getting to know what your financial goals are so that we can custom tailor an investment plan to help you meet them.