Roth IRAs in Portland

If you're ready to start planning for retirement or you're wondering if your current retirement income savings strategy is right for you, Financial Investment Team (FIT) can assist you in determining if a Roth IRA will meet your needs and help you reach your goals. Financial Investment Team provides comprehensive Roth IRA services in Portland, Oregon.

Key Points Regarding Roth IRAs

There are several different types of IRAs (individual retirement accounts) so it's important that the one you choose is best suited to meeting your financial and retirement needs. Key points regarding Roth IRAs include:

• To qualify for a Roth IRA, individuals and married couples must fall within the income limits set forth by the IRS. FIT can help you determine if you qualify for a Roth IRA based on income limits and other factors.

• Roth IRAs are taxed differently than traditional IRAs - the team at FIT will explain these differences to you.

• With a Roth IRA, you are not required to start taking withdrawals at a certain age - this differs from the traditional IRA, where an individual is required to start taking minimum withdrawals by age 70 ½ .

• It's helpful to have an experienced retirement team on your side to help you determine factors that may influence tax considerations now and in the future.

The IRA that's right for you depends on your specific current and future circumstances. Our goal at Financial Investment Team is to help you make informed decisions when it comes to retirement savings. Roth IRAs are often seen as one of the best financial vehicles there is to help people save for retirement and at FIT, we believe in providing our clients with the education and tools that they need to keep moving towards their retirement goals.

For more information regarding Roth IRAs, contact FIT today.